Coffee, Tea and Desserts

Coffee and Tea

Persian Tea

Traditional Persian black tea.
Small / Medium / Large

Arabian Tea

Customary Arabian mint tea.
Small / Medium / Large

Moroccan Tea

Traditional Moroccan green tea.
Small / Medium / Large

Iced Tea

Home chilled ice tea, served in a glass.

Green Tea

Small / Medium / Large

Black Tea

Small / Medium / Large

Brewed Coffee


Irish Coffee

Italian Coffee

Mexican Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Traditional Middle Eastern Coffee

Coffee Glaze

Coffee with ice cream.

Cafe Zurich

Cognac, amaretto and whipped cream.

Cafe Mocha

Ice Coffee

Hot Chocolate




Traditional Middle Eastern Dessert made with pistachios, layered with Filo pastry and served with special rose syrup.

Arabian Auburn Baclava

The Syrian Chocobaclava made of filo pastry filled with mixture of dark chocolate, nuts and a dash of rose water.

Persian Regal Baclava

A dessert fit for royalty made with a medley of nuts oranges and dates.

Baclava Alamode

Baclava topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Baclava Platter

An assortment of our 3 flavors of baclavas.

Ice Cream

Mango Jubilee

Mango Balls with vanilla ice cream.

Banana Split

Fresh Mixed Fruits

Mixed Fruits in a Glass

A dessert made in medley of fresh fruits and rose syrup
Small / Medium / Large

Sliced Fruits

Sliced Fresh Mango or Pineapple or Watermelon


Double Sundae